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SOE IN ITALY 1940-1945:

Military History - A5 paperback - 192 pages - 16 photographs - ISBN 9780953896462


'A significant slice of military history, with interviews, archive photos and the latest research.' --- Italia! Magazine, August, 2011

'Excellent' --- Bill Pickering, MM, ex SOE agent in Italy.

'Gives an excellent overview of SOE operations in Italy in WWII.' --- Jed22, special operations writer.

SOE in Italy 1940-1945: The Real Story provides a gripping account of Britain's secret service in action with the Italian Resistance throughout the Second World War.

The Special Operations Executive carried out sabotage and supported local patriots who fought the Nazis and Fascists.

The Italian Resistance movement was one of the greatest in Western Europe. Partisan forces hit enemy communications, tied down seven German divisions and provided tactical support for the Allied 5th and 8th armies. The Resistance played a considerable part in the complete and final victory in Italy.

The partisans' success was made possible by the courageous agents and the weapons and supplies parachuted to them by the Allies.

SOE in Italy 1940-1945: The Real Story contains remarkable accounts of men and missions, air supply and Resistance.

These are the chapters:

SOE in Italy 1940-1945: The Real Story provides a riveting account of special operations, air supply and Resistance.

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