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Book: Escape from Italy 1943-45: Allied Escapers and Helpers in Fascist Italy by MALCOLM TUDOR

ESCAPE FROM ITALY, 1943-45: Allied Escapers and Helpers in Fascist Italy by MALCOLM TUDOR

Military History - A5 paperback - 114 pages - 5 photographs - ISBN 9780953896417


"Gives a panoramic view to the many-sided story of Italy after the Armistice in 1943." --- Cav. Uff. J Keith Killby, OBE, founder The Monte San Martino Trust

'Just a line to congratulate you on your latest book. I thought the 'Into the Crucible' chapter was very interesting and useful in summarising the general events that followed the Armistice. It was nice also to see you ending on such a delightfully romantic note.' --- RS, ex POW

The Secret World of Escape and Evasion

The fugitives were thousands of prisoners of war or downed aircrew from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and European countries occupied by Germany.

Many of these Allied servicemen succeeded in escaping to Switzerland or through the enemy lines. The alternative was a trip to the camps in Germany in sealed railway cattle trucks ...

The true stories and personal accounts include:

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