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Military History - paperback - 144 pages - 15 photographs - ISBN 9780953896479


'This new military history title takes a comprehensive look at the escape of British prisoners during World War II in Italy. Based upon dozens of interviews with real survivors, this book offers an unseen glimpse into the stories of Allied troops. A factually lively read from a much respected writer of Italian history.' --- Italia! Magazine, August 2012

The greatest story of World War II escape and evasion

In September 1943 fifty thousand British and Allied prisoners of war fled from their camps after the Italian Armistice and Surrender.

The Allies had landed in the south. The Germans occupied the rest of the country and brought back Benito Mussolini as head of a puppet Fascist Republic.

British Prisoners of War in Italy: Paths to Freedom provides dozens of individual stories of daring escapers and brave Italian helpers.

The servicemen were assisted by a secret army of civilians and members of the Resistance. They included the author's mother and grandparents, who helped 20 British and South African soldiers in the Apennines of northern Italy.

Many of the escapers followed the mountain trails to neutral Switzerland or through the enemy lines to Allied forces. The country tracks became paths to freedom.

This new, expanded and revised second edition is a real page-turner. It gives the reader a fascinating, informative and gripping account of escape and evasion in Wartime Italy.

These are the chapters:

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