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Military History - A5 Paperback - 144 pages - 16 photographs - ISBN 9780953896455


'A must read for those interested in both Italy and wartime tales' --- Italia! Magazine

'A very good book, your best yet' - - Brian Lett, QC

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The Greatest Escape in Italy

To go beyond the wire was to leave the camp in which prisoners of war had been held for perhaps three days, three months or even three years. For the first time the servicemen tasted freedom: the power to act, speak and think freely.

But this was only the beginning. On the horizon of the camp there should have been advancing Allied troops. Planners in London said that there would be and issued a stay put order. Instead, there were only Germans and Fascists. The escapers had to choose the right road to get them home. The wrong one meant recapture and a journey in a sealed railway cattle truck to a prison camp in Germany.

The greatest escape in Italy was at PG 49 Fontanellato. Over 500 POWs marched out at noon on 9 September 1943, just ahead of a German column sent to take over the camp. Among the Italians who helped the escapers were the author's mother and grandparents.

Beyond the Wire covers the experiences of the escapers from PG 49 and other camps. A secret army of civilians and members of the Resistance helped the fugitives. As a result, over 17,000 former POWs were able to cross to Switzerland or to reach Allied forces within Italy. This new book is full of true stories of personal courage.

These are the chapters:

The book also includes a foreword written by wartime partisan officer Oreste Scaglioni, a glossary, a resources section, and 16 photographs.

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