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You will find books on World War II Italy by Malcolm Tudor covering SAS, SOE, POWs, air supply and Resistance. As reviewed in Family Tree Magazine, Wartime News, Italia! Magazine,and other publications.

Malcolm's books from Fonthill Media:

Book cover image: Among the Italian Partisans: 
The Allied Contribution to the Resistance by Malcolm Tudor.

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Military history book cover image: Among the Italian Partisans: 
The Allied Contribution to the Resistance by Malcolm Tudor.

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Image: Malcolm Tudor, Anglo-Italian historian and author of military history books.

Anglo-Italian historian Malcolm Tudor is a graduate of the University of Wales. His British father was a soldier with the 8th Army in Italy and his Italian mother and grandparents helped many Allied escaped prisoners of war. Malcolm has written nine books on Italy during the Second World War. He has met the wartime veterans, visited the scenes of their operations, and consulted international archives.

'Malcolm Tudor writes expertly on this period.' --- Harry Shindler, MBE, of the Italy Star Association 1943-1945

'Easily readable and very informative' … The first review on Amazon UK of the new book, 'SAS in Italy 1943 - 1945,' … 5.0 out of 5 stars … 'This book is a good read and often quotes from personal accounts of those involved; a comprehensive work written by someone capable of accessing both British and Italian records, and who presents the story of SAS operations in Italy in an easily readable yet very informative style.'

Malcolm's books from Emilia Publishing:

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Image: cover of Paths To Freedom, a military history book written by Malcolm Tudor.

This book provides dozens of individual stories of daring escapers and their brave Italian helpers. In September 1943 fifty thousand Allied prisoners of war fled their camps after the Italian Armistice and Surrender. The Allies had landed in the south. The Germans occupied the rest of the country and brought back Benito Mussolini as head of a puppet Fascist republic. The escapers were aided by a secret army of Italian civilians and members of the Resistance. They included the author's mother and grandparents who helped twenty British and South African soldiers in the Apennines of northern Italy. Over seventeen thousand escapers followed the mountain trails to Switzerland or through the enemy lines to Allied forces. The country tracks became paths to freedom.

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Image: Cover of the military history book SOE in Italy.

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SOE in Italy 1940-1945: The Real Story provides a gripping account of Britain's secret service in action with the Italian Resistance throughout the Second World War. The Special Operations Executive carried out sabotage and supported local patriots who fought the Nazis and Fascists. The partisans' success was made possible by the courageous agents and the weapons and supplies parachuted to them by the Allies. The book contains remarkable accounts of men and missions, air supply and Resistance.

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Image: Cover of Malcolm Tudor's book Beyond the Wire.

REVIEW: 'An authoritative and compelling account of life inside Allied POW camps in Italy from 1943-1945, Tudor describes the daily lives of those behind the wire and their dramatic attempts at escape ...The book also pays tribute to the Italian civilians who gave up substantial financial reward and risked their own safety to help Allied fugitives escaping from the enemy. One such Italian was the author's grandfather, Alfredo Dall'Arda, who was given official recognition and presented with the Alexander certificate for assisting escapees (aided by both his grandmother and mother). Most of the action of the book centres on the famous Italian camp of Fontanellato, an orphanage from which a mass escape of over 500 prisoners was staged at noon on 9 September 1943. A must-read for those interested in both Italy and war-time tales.' --- Italia! Magazine.

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Cover: at war in Italy 1943 to 1945 by Malcolm Tudor.

At War in Italy 1943-1945 relates the experiences of British and Allied servicemen who fought behind enemy lines against the Germans and Fascists. Using eyewitness accounts and wartime top-secret official reports, the author recounts prisoner of war escapes, secret missions by land, sea and air, and guerrilla warfare alongside the Italian partisans. The book provides the reader with amazing stories of survival and resistance from the twenty months between invasion and liberation.

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Cover: Prisoners and Partisans: Escape and Evasion in WWII Italy.

This book is the essential guide to escape and evasion in wartime Italy. During World War II over 20,000 British and Allied servicemen escaped to neutral Switzerland or crossed the lines within Italy. Many of the former prisoners of war and downed airmen were rescued by agents of the Allied secret services. But the majority of the fugitives were saved by Italian civilians and members of the Resistance. 'What counted most was the kindness of strangers.'

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Cover: Escape from Italy 1943 - 1945.

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Read how many escapers walked hundreds of miles to rejoin Allied forces. Others crossed the Alps to Switzerland. Gradually escape lines were created by Allied military intelligence and the Italian Resistance. The fugitives were passed from one safe house to another until the final dangerous crossing of the enemy lines or the frontier.

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